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IQGeo launches myWorld Route Optimizer to turn business enquiries into sales for CSPs

Cambridge, UK, 10 May 2019 – IQGeo (AIM:IQG), leading provider of geospatial productivity and collaboration solutions, is today launching myWorld Route Optimizer™  (Now IQGeo Network Revenue Optimizer) to enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to respond to commercial business enquiries faster and more accurately, increasing the volume and value sales while improving customer satisfaction.

The new product was developed in conjunction with an IQGeo customer, one of the largest cable and telecom providers in North America. The organization was facing the industry-wide issues of fierce competition for commercial customers and having to deal with a huge number of customer enquiries about connecting network services. The time and cost to evaluate and estimate construction costs for business opportunities is a growing challenge for the sales and engineering departments across the sector. Long response times and costly field surveys often leads to poor sales opportunity conversion rates, missed revenue targets and lower profitability.

Route Optimizer (Now Network Revenue Optimizer) automates construction estimates in seconds using smart network optimization. The software produces several alternate construction routes to connect commercial premises, including cost estimates, revenue potential and ROI. These designs can be interactively modified to account for known physical constraints such as easement or access restrictions. It also automatically generates the least cost and highest business potential route to service each customer, including ROI, and adjusts to go past other businesses in the area that are good prospects for the CSP .

All data sources are integrated in one map to optimize routing options, giving planning engineers access to all the information they need to make a quick and accurate assessment within minutes not days. IQGeo’s Route Optimizer also provides easy visibility of previous serviceability enquiries and construction estimates in the area, which can be re-used for faster responses, providing insights into other business potential in the area.

Jay Cadman, General Manager Americas at IQGeo, said: “CSPs are facing huge competitive challenges, not least dealing quickly and effectively with the hundreds of network service enquiries from potentially valuable commercial prospects. However, the sheer volume of enquiries and the cost of creating estimates demands that siloed departments must work together to respond quickly with accurate quotes. Any delay in response risks losing the prospect to a competitor.

“This need to respond quickly to network connection enquires is precisely what drove one of our major US telecom customers to work with us to develop myWorld Route Optimizer. Our new product provides a very simple way to dramatically cut the time required for the estimation process, which has created huge interest from our other customers and the market. We’re looking forward to helping many more CSPs increase their commercial sales success rate, while providing better customer service.”

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