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Ubisense myWorld drives productivity improvements at Zayo Group

myWorld has fulfilled Zayo Group’s requirement for a new Inventory Map solution, displaying detailed network asset data including configurations, customers, service and capacity within an interactive webmap application. The application is intuitive and is easy-to-use with fast rendering and response times and incorporates Zayo’s network and service nomenclature for predictive searches and queries. It operates on any device; tablets, laptops and smart phones running iOS, Android or Windows. myWorld integrates GIS, Google and Zayo business systems transforming the user experience.

Kris Boccio, VP Systems Development & GIS at Zayo, said: “Users love the myWorld tool and have been amazed at the incredible performance. One big area of improvement is that myWorld has reduced the time to understand and identify a network issue. This directly impacts our KPI’s and metrics in a very positive way.”

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myWorld is now the IQGeo Platform
The 6.0 release of our software included a product name change from myWorld to the IQGeo Platform. This change reflects our focus on the IQGeo corporate brand that was launched at the beginning of 2019. Our website and latest product user interface have made the transition from the old myWorld name to the new IQGeo Platform name. Learn more about the IQGeo Platform 6.0 release.


*IQGeo launched to accelerate global growth of geospatial software

On January, 3, 2019, we launched the new IQGeo corporate brand, following the completion of the sale of the Ubisense brand and RTLS SmartSpace division. 

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